Shorehaven Employment Position FAQs

We’ve been repeatedly asked to explain certain key points about the job requirements of different classifications of employment available at Shorehaven.

For more information, please read the Job Descriptions linked to below about the job classification you wish to apply for.


Shorehaven is a mental health clinic. Most of our employees are Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Licensed Psychologists, Psychiatrists, or Qualified Psychotherapy Providers (pre-licensure). We have a limited number of Management Jobs and a considerable number of employees in roles which support the work of the clinic, namely, Clinic Support Specialists, Billing Specialists, and Referral Coordinators.

Even though we may not have an opening posted, you may apply for a job at Shorehaven. Send your resume as an email attachment to the President of the company, Your resume will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

If we have an opening for a position matching your experience and credentials, and, for clinicians, your geographic location, we will let you know if we want to meet with you.

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