Benefits for Shorehaven Employees

We are one of the only private clinics offering benefits and we offer full, competitive benefits. On average, benefits equal about 1/3 more on top of wages.

Do you understand the advantages of employee status compared with independent contractor status? If you are considering Independent Contractor [IC] status at another clinic, you should read our page comparing IC status to Shorehaven employment. [LINK TO COME]

  • W-2 EMPLOYEE Status — so we pay 1/2 of the Social Security and Medicare taxes. At other clinics, Independent Contactors pay 15.3% self-employment tax and quarterly withholding tax, but at Shorehaven you only pay the normal FICA and Medicare taxes (roughly 7% total).

  • Unemployment Compensation taxes of about 1% of wages are paid so, if something unexpected happens to the company, you have financial support while looking for employment. Independent Contractors to not have this safety net.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance of about 2.5% of wages is paid so, if you are injured in the course of the job, you may be entitled to have your medical expenses and some wages paid.

  • Malpractice Liability Insurance of about 1% is paid by the company so, rather than pay this amount yourself in post-tax dollars ($200-700 depending upon your license), we pay for it.

  • Medical Insurance, partly company paid. We pay 1/2 of the premium for the employee.

  • Dental Insurance at group rates, paid by the employee.

  • Vision Insurance at group rates, paid by the employee.

  • Life Insurance of $50,000 paid by the company. The policy includes an extra purchase option of additional life insurance.

  • Short-Term Disability Insurance is paid by the company.

  • Long Term Disability Insurance is paid by the company.

  • In House CEUs, a program of company-paid post-graduate clinical seminars which qualify for CEU requirements for LCSW, LMFT, LPC, and SAC/CSAC.

  • Relias Learning Online CEUs, company paid access to hundreds of courses in the Relias catalogue which qualify for the CEU requirements for LCSW, LMFT, LPC, and SAC/CSAC.

  • Flexible Spending Account which allows employees to use pre-tax dollars for medical and/or child care expenses, saving up to $1700 per year in taxes.

  • 401K Retirement Account, with a panel of mutual fund choices, chosen for relatively low expenses, into which employees can put a significant percentage of earnings into a tax deferred account and can receive investment advice from our 401K manager.

  • 1.5% 401K Match is paid by the company on the first 6% put into the account by the employee.

  • Roth 401K Option in the retirement account, so some retirement funds can come out at retirement tax free.

  • Profit Sharing Account in which Shorehaven contributes when we have profits into a tax deferred account for employees.

  • National Health Service Corp, at our Brown Deer office, a mental health shortage area, so that clinicians who meet NHSC requirements can potentially earn $50,000 or more in student loan debt forgiveness.

  • Supervision for licensure is paid by the company. Licensed staff have access to on-going supervision as well. All staff have a team of Directors and Clinical Supervisors with which to consult on any challenges, difficulties, or ethical/legal matters in practice.

  • Initial Training Wage is a set amount a clinician can choose to receive during the first 90 days while building a clinical practice.

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