Writing Your Cover Letter

The COVER LETTER is a crucially important part of your application. The purpose of the Cover Letter is to point out to us how your skills may match our description of the job and that your values are aligned with our Vision.

Think about your Resume as telling us about you from your point of view. The Cover Letter is an opportunity to tell us about you from the employer's point of view. What do you suppose we most want to know about you? What questions may we have which you can answer in the cover letter?

  1. Let us know key details about yourself, important training you have received, experiences which make you eligible for the position.

  2. Let us know your career or personal goals.

  3. Let us know any connections you may have to Shorehaven.

  4. Let us know any other information which helps you to stand out from amongst the many applications we receive.

  5. If you have a professional license(s), please tell us the name and number of your license.

  6. If you apply for the In-Home Psychotherapist position, we need to know how much experience you have working with children.

  7. IMPORTANT: If you do not have a Wisconsin license to practice therapy, please explain your Wisconsin licensure plans or status.

  8. If you do not live in the geographic area in which we have clientele (eastern Wisconsin), please explain your relocations plans, such as the specific town to which you plan to move and when. If you plan to live in Milwaukee County, which suburb or which part of the city?

Your cover letter should help us determine how you may fit into one of our open positions.

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